At EPIC we believe in taking a ‘whole person’ approach to assessing and supporting complex health presentations. This takes time and sometimes requires the combined expertise in both physical and mental health to fully explore and make sense of a wide variety of health difficulties. We work with children, young people and young adults up to the age of 25 years, sometimes independently and sometimes as part of a family unit. We can adapt our approach according to an individual’s specific needs and circumstances.

Holistic Consultations

Our Consultants, Dr Vicky Hill, Dr Karen Street and Dr Laurie Windsor,  work closely together to ensure that the most appropriate holistic assessment is undertaken according to the health problem presenting in any ​child, young person or young adult. We involve family, carers, schools and Universities as indicated.

Personalised Treatment

Dr Hill, Dr Street and Dr Windsor can offer either individual or joint appointments as necessary,  with advice  and access to further investigation or assessment as required.