Dignity and Respect Policy

EPIC Solutions promotes a culture of care that respects everyone’s privacy, dignity, culture and individuality.

We aim to be courteous and considerate at all times.

We will establish how you would like to be addressed.

We will take the time to assess and understand your individual needs.

We will respect any areas of sensitivity which relate to modesty, gender, culture or religion.

We aim to promote confidence, well being and a positive self-esteem in all our interactions.

We will encourage you to participate in your assessment/treatment as far as you are able.

We will promote your independence, choice and control by asking you to participate in decision-making about your care.

We will listen and support you to express your needs and wants.
We will work in partnership with parents, guardians, partners, other family members as appropriate.

Author Publication date Review date
Karen Street October 2020 October 2023