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    Apologies for taking so long to reply and say thank you.

    I didn't want to not let you know how much we appreciate everything you have done right from the first contact, through the assessments to the results.

    You have all been beyond just professional to actually making us all feel valued and supported through the process.

    Please can you let everyone who was involved know that we say THANK YOU?

    With appreciation

    We are absolutely thrilled with the outcome for this lovely family; please thank your whole team for being so responsive and supportive; we hope to use this great example of partnership working to support many other families in crisis navigating a path to gain better access to scaffold and support their childrens needs.

    In this case it was literally life changing .... the initial assessment spring boarded a review of the EHCP, gave us leverage to inform and reinforce needs to professionals at the TAF/child in need meetings and to deliver training to support the professionals in the TAF with limited understanding of the complexity of needs emerging.

    Since then ** is now gently leaving the house everyday, there are much less incidents of CPV and we have had it confirmed that a specialist school placement will commence after Easter albeit a slow transition.

    A huge well done to all, but very much thanks to the team at Epic .... who are amazing!

    FASD Hub South West

    EPIC Solutions have been so supportive with all my son's needs. We had reached the lowest point with helping him, previous to coming to EPIC. It has literally changed our life. EPIC were recommended to us by a friend, and, in turn I would highly recommend EPIC to anyone who needs support for their child.
    All of the staff including the professionals who carried out assessments with **** and the receptionist staff were kind, helpful and a pleasure to meet. Helping **** feel at ease and making adjustments along the way for him to feel comfortable was really a comfort.
    We will be in touch in the future for further support I’m sure, and I’ll be sure to recommend your services with the highest regards.
    Thank you to Dr Street for an incredibly informative and productive consultation. Her flexibility and compassionate approach is greatly appreciated. 
    I would like to this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation of your services. You have provided a sense of relief, clarity and a way to move forward.
    Everyone we saw was welcoming, polite, clear, friendly and clearly caring; speaking to both myself and my son.

    Epic Solutions has been the turning point for us. It has changed our lives. By being able to access expert assessment, guidance and support, we now feel supported as a family and feel the future can be bright again.

    Our experience with Dr Hill was very reassuring as she focused on the reality of our situation acknowledging the problems, issues and emotions for both the child and the adult. She treated my child with genuine respect and understanding and as a young adult which was so important. My child felt able to speak openly, felt they were listened to and were a part of the decisions that were made. They felt that Dr Hill acknowledged all of her issues and gave credence to their existence which was vital. As a parent I felt reassured by being told of all the things I was managing well and how I could support my child and I could put my trust in Vicky completely. I really hate to think where we would be now without Dr Hill.

    It is such a relief to have 'X' struggles recognised after so many years.  We really believe now with our understanding of the reasons behind her learning and processing challenges and the ability to share this with schools/colleges will make education a much better environment for her to flourish. Please pass on our thanks to the rest of the team, you have all been so supportive, professional and understanding.
    Epic solutions was a very lucky find for us. At a time when I felt things were totally out of my control Karen Street provided so much help and advice. She set us on the right path and gave me back a modicum of sanity. Vron Cross was equally as brilliant. I cannot fault their kindness and advice.
    We are incredibly grateful for the care we received from the clinicians working with EPIC who were kind and professional and supported both our daughter and ourselves at a point when we were all really struggling to cope with her mental health concerns.
    Dr Vicky Hill was very approachable for my anxious teenager. She spoke to her in a straightforward, age appropriate and conversational way. My daughter was given the opportunity to speak authentically and be listened to.
    We have had an excellent experience with Epic from initial contact through to treatment. Communication and understanding being at the forefront of all our correspondence with them either in person or via zoom . As a parent I feel I have been listened to and helped and also been provided with a better understanding of how best to help my teenager.
    We found our way to Epic Solutions when we realised that the wait for CAMHS was going to be lengthy. Dr Hill and team worked with our daughter who was struggling with her mental health and was eventually diagnosed with autism. Throughout our journey with Epic Solutions we always found Dr Hill to be extremely professional. She is welcoming and friendly and we always felt listened to. We have asked ourselves many times how we would have managed without the intervention and support that Epic provided at a time when we most needed it.
    Dr Millar, Dr Street and other EPIC team members have been a great support. They are attentive, provide invaluable advice to parents and given our daughter tools and skills she will use for life. We have already recommended them to friends with similar concerns.
    Thank you for your time and report. My son said he really enjoyed the session and I also thought it was great, seeing how you honoured his voice and perspective.

    Dr Hill and Dr Millar both provided treatment to my daughter in their respective disciplines. This was during a very difficult time, both were very caring and realised the emotional dynamics and the difficulties.

    They were equally empathetic, able to level with a teenager. As a worried parent you felt in very capable hands.

    Being very concerned about my son’s clinical symptoms, which happened at the beginning of the pandemic, I had the chance and privilege to book an appointment with Dr. Karen Street, Paediatric consultant. She made time for us, in those unprecedented times, and checked my son.

    I can’t put in words how grateful I am, for the full comprehensive examination and kind manners she had with my teenage son. Also, the practice’s location and environment are outstanding, you don’t feel like bringing your child to the hospital. Thank you so much for everything.

    Having had a few concerns regarding my daughters mobility, I had an appointment with Dr Karen Street. Who immediately helped reassure me and talk through some of the reasons why my daughter may struggling to find the confidence to walk, Karen took time to then take things further and book us in for blood tests and Physiotherapy which were very quick and really helped take some worry out of waiting, communication has been great and should I have any further concerns I know Karen will be able to help me if needed.

    Our daughter was struggling with her emotional and mental health. She was always anxious and sensitive but after a traumatic experience, these difficulties started controlling her life. She wouldn’t get out of bed, cried a lot and stopped socialising with her friends.

    Already having another child on the ASD spectrum, we recognised the signs she was displaying and decided she needed professional help. Having previously dealt with trying to get help for our ASD son, we knew the waiting list for our daughter would be extensive.

    After some research, we found Epic Solutions, where our daughter was firstly seen by Dr Karen Street (Paediatrician) and Dr Vicky Hill (Psychiatrist), who were compassionate, professional, knowledgeable and caring.

    Our daughter continues to make steady progress through regular sessions with a counsellor. We highly recommend Epic Solutions, as we as a family have appreciated being under such excellent care.

    We found last week really helpful. My son is feeling positive about the process, what he has learnt about himself and also about meeting your colleague to look at his anxiety. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful approach in dealing with us on the journey
    We found last week really helpful. My son is feeling positive about the process, what he has learnt about himself and also about meeting your colleague to look at his anxiety. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful approach in dealing with us on the journey

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