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Our Premises

Our premises is easily accessible, child friendly and has purpose-built practice rooms. This includes a child/young person-centred waiting area with sensory room, a reception/office, seminar room, 2 clinical rooms and 6 therapy rooms, including an art therapy room, and sensory/physiotherapy room. We have a staff workspace and kitchen which enhances our team working and supports the well-being of our employees and associates.

In our new premises we will be offering prevention, early intervention and support groups. This will include specialist health visitor led sessions for cohorts of children across the age range 0-5 years providing the much needed guidance and support for parenting and their child’s development and emotional well-being. Also support groups for parents of older children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). We will be offering specialist yoga sessions to all ages using a mental health approach by a trained professional.

                          Room Hire

                          EPIC rooms are available to hire for any professional or voluntary individual or organisation who share an ethos with EPIC for child and adolescent wellbeing.  This can be individual clinic room hire or seminar room hire on an hourly or sessional rate.  Details are available on request.

                          Glen House
                          Sigford Road
                          Matford Park
                          EX2 8NL

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