Access to Records

Access to medical records

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 you have the right to see your health records. Access can only be denied if there are compelling reasons. The Data Protection Act replaced the access to Health Records Act 1990 on 1st March 2000, except applications to see records of someone who has died.

How clients can access their health records with EPIC Solutions

You can only request access to medical records made by EPIC Solutions as part of their assessment and support. GP, Hospital or Education records can only be viewed by submitting separate requests to those organisations.

Accessing someone else’s records

Health and care records are confidential, you can only access someone else’s records if you are authorised to do so e.g. parent of a young child. EPIC Solutions may request evidence of this authorisation before releasing the record.

Getting records changed

If you think your/your child’s health record is incorrect it can be updated provided the EPIC associate who entered the record is in agreement. This will be recorded as a significant event by EPIC Solutions Directors so that there is a clear record of changes made.

Online access to medical records

The Cliniko electronic records system used by EPIC Solutions does not enable you to view your records online.

Viewing medical records

Any request to view your health records will be agreed by one of the EPIC Solutions directors. All associates who have entered information in the record will be asked to review their entries and consent to the records being shared.

It is the preference of EPIC Solutions directors to allow access to your/your child’s records in person in a dedicated appointment (this will not be charged) so that any medical terminology or unclear information can be explained to you.

EPIC Solutions will share health records with a young person who they judge to have capacity to make that decision although they will encourage this to be shared with their parent/guardian. Any parent/guardian with parental responsibility can request access to their young person’s record but EPIC Solutions will encourage this to be shared with the young person if appropriate.


In the following situations EPIC Solutions directors may decline the request to review your records:

  • They have reason to believe you may have been coerced by someone else to access your records.
  • There is significant third party information contained within the records (EPIC Solutions reserve the right to remove this before releasing the records).
  • There is information which EPIC Solutions directors believe may cause you/your child unnecessary risk or harm and/or is not in your/their best interests.
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Karen Street October 2020 October 2023

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