Chaperone Policy

This policy is designed to protect both you as a client and EPIC directors/associates from abuse or allegations of abuse and to assist you in making an informed choice about your examinations and consultations. If a consultation is conducted at any point with you or your child alone then this will be explained clearly as to why this is felt necessary/appropriate and your consent will be obtained. For a young person under the age of 18 this must also be with their parent/guardian’s consent. Both will be clearly recorded in your record.

Where a physical examination is considered an essential part of your assessment this will be clearly explained to you, and to your parent/guardian if you are under 18. A professional and considerate manner will always be used, the nature of the proposed examination will be clearly explained and your consent, and/or parent/guardian consent if under 18, will be obtained and clearly recorded.

Physical examinations will only be conducted in a clinic room with an appropriate examination couch. You will always be provided with adequate privacy to undress and dress if this is required. Where possible parents/guardians should remain in the room and a portable examination screen can be used for privacy if needed. Where you are seen alone a chaperone will be offered, this will be another EPIC clinician. If you decline this offer of a chaperone this will be recorded in your record. If a chaperone offer is accepted but there is no appropriate EPIC clinician available the examination will be deferred to another day at no extra cost to you.

Author Publication date Review date
Karen Street October 2020 October 2023

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