Complaints Policy


EPIC Solutions is committed to ensuring that those who use its services are readily able to access information about how to make a complaint and that the issues raised are dealt with promptly and fairly.

EPIC Solutions aim to provide a complaints service that meets the needs and objectives of the complainant, whilst at the same time complying with the requirements set out within this policy.

EPIC Solutions recognise that the information derived from complaints provides an important source of data to help make improvements in our services. Complaints can act as an early warning of failings in systems and processes which need to be addressed.

EPIC Solutions make sure that the care of people who make complaints about our services will not be adversely affected because they have complained. Complaints correspondence is stored and recorded separately from healthcare records.

EPIC Solutions are committed to providing a complaints service to all regardless of their racial or cultural background, gender or sexual orientation, religion or disability.

EPIC Solutions will always ensure that any additional needs are supported to enable all clients can access our complaints service. Please see our Accessibility Policy.

How to make a complaint

If you wish to raise an informal complaint you can speak directly to anyone working in association with EPIC Solutions. If you wish to make a formal complaint please do so in writing by e mail and it will be forwarded to one of the directors. Please make sure any complaint is made within 12 months of the event.

Who can make a complaint

A complaint may be made by you if you are a client of EPIC Solutions, a person acting on your behalf if you are unable to make the complaint yourself, or anyone who has been affected by any action/omission/decision of EPIC Solutions. Where the complaint is from someone acting on your behalf, your written consent will be requested if you are over 18 and able to do so. If you are under 18 a complaint may be made by your parent or guardian but we would be very happy to also talk to you directly if you would like.


Dr Vicky Hill and Dr Karen Street, directors of EPIC Solutions, are accountable for ensuring that handling of complaints against EPIC Solutions meets the statutory requirements set out in National Health Service (Complaints) Regulations 2009. They are also responsible for ensuring that emerging themes are investigated and acted upon, and that themes that are consistent with those raised elsewhere (e.g. serious incidents) are identified and acted upon.

We commit to:

• Investigate each complaint thoroughly
• Identify any lessons to be learnt
• Ensure that appropriate remedial actions are taken
• Communicate effectively with you and resolve the matter to your satisfaction

Handling of complaint

On receipt of a formal complaint one of the directors will acknowledge this within three working days and give you a brief indication of the process and the anticipated time for response. They will send a letter or e mail to you on behalf of EPIC Solutions with an offer of a meeting or telephone conversation and/or confirmation that a formal investigation is underway (again indicating anticipated time for response).

The director will investigate the complaint and will respond to you in writing within 20 days.

If your complaint is against one/both of the directors an external review will be sought at the expense of EPIC Solutions.

What cannot be investigated as a formal complaint

This complaints process will be suspended if you pursue a legal claim against EPIC Solutions or if we refer any complaint regarding an individual who works in association with EPIC Solutions to disciplinary proceedings with a professional body.

In either of the above circumstances, you will be notified in writing that the complaints procedure has been suspended and that the matter is being dealt with in accordance with medico-legal or human resources policies and procedures. We will continue liaising with you where appropriate.

Author Publication date Review date
Karen Street October 2020 October 2023

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