Confidentiality Policy

This policy is consistent with the guidance from NHSE, GMC and CQC


Confidentiality is your right for any information about you that is shared with EPIC Solutions to not be shared with another party unless you consent to do so either verbally or in writing.

If we ask your consent to share information we will make sure you understand:

  • Who the information will be disclosed to
  • Precisely what information will be disclosed
  • Why the information is to be disclosed
  • The significant foreseeable consequences

If you give consent we will only disclose information that you have agreed we may disclose, and only to the third party that requested it.

Children and Young People

If you are under 18 your parents/guardians generally need to be provided with information about your problems and treatment in order to adequately support and care for you. However this will depend on your age, your ‘capacity’, and your problems so we will discuss with you from the outset about information sharing and confidentiality.

Where possible we will only share information with your agreement. We will take into consideration any risks of not sharing the information. Where we are concerned about your safety and well being or risk to someone else we may need to share information with your parents/guardians and/or other professionals without your agreement.

We protect any information we have about you in a number of ways:

  • We keep all non-digital records in locked filing and storage places
  • We securely dispose of any non-digital records once transferred to the electronic notes system
  • We use a clinical management system for all electronic notes
  • We password protect computers with access to person-identifiable information
  • We don’t discuss confidential matters in open spaces or with anyone not involved in your care
  • We use secure e mail accounts
  • We don’t collect, hold or process more information than we need, and we don’t keep it for any longer than necessary
Author Publication date Review date
Karen Street October 2020 October 2023

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