Working with NHS Services

If you/your child are already under NHS services EPIC Solutions want to work with and alongside these NHS services, not in competition with them. This is because we share the view that the needs of a child/young person/young adult are always paramount.

EPIC Solutions offer some services that are hard to access within the NHS e.g. joint physical/mental health assessments, and some services that have a waiting list within the NHS e.g. psychology assessment/input, CAMHS therapy. EPIC Solutions professionals will always provide information about what services are available within the NHS so that you can make an informed choice.

 If EPIC Solutions professionals believe that you are at high risk (physical or mental health) your care should sit primarily in the NHS so that you have access to 24/7 services.  Where appropriate urgent referrals in to NHS services will be made by EPIC Solutions Consultants.

EPIC Solutions Consultants can offer independent opinions to you but we reserve the right to ask you to consent to discussion with any NHS professionals involved where we believe this information is essential to be able to offer you an informed opinion.

Where you wish to continue with NHS services but also want the input of EPIC Solutions Consultants/Associates the following must be agreed:

  • EPIC Solutions Consultants and the NHS professionals agree that this is appropriate
  • Who the lead Consultant decision maker is. This would usually remain with the NHS Consultant and they would be responsible for coordinating care across both services.
  • What the respective roles of EPIC Solutions professionals and NHS professionals will be. EPIC Solutions should only be offering assessment/input if all are agreed that it cannot be offered within the NHS or where you choose to pursue input from EPIC Solutions due to timing, convenience or personal choice when you are fully informed of what is available within the NHS
  • You must give consent for professionals from EPIC Solutions and the NHS to have ongoing communication with each other to ensure care is provided that is in your best interests
  • EPIC Solutions reserve the right to discontinue their input alongside the NHS services if they believe it is no longer in your best interests.
AuthorPublication dateReview date
Karen StreetMarch 2021March 2024

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